About Us

About Us

WHS Racing is affiliated with Lamorinda Cycling Club which is a non-profit organization promoting promotes participation in recreational riding, racing and bicycling advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together with our sponsors we strive to make valuable contributions to the cycling community through mentorship, event organization and race participation.


Lamorinda Cycling Club members have been gracing the roads of the SF Bay Area since it’s inception in 2006 with very strong ridership over the years. LCC has formed many race teams in the past starting with Synergy, eventually becoming Taleo, Cushman Wakefield, CBRE and most recently WHS Racing.

Board and Officers

Dan Harvey – Chairman
Carlos Soto – President
Linda Kwong – Treasurer
Craig Auzenne – Race Team Captain
Rozel Tupaz – Juniors Race/Club
Alma Schiefer – Club Lead & Kit
Melissa Avery – Membership & Sponsorships